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Cathy Johnson, Interim Pastor

Robert Henthorne, Choir Director


Pastor Lynne McQuown

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been
born of God and knows God. ~ 1 John 4:7
Dear Church,
Happy February! As a child I always liked the arrival of February. For one thing, it

meant we had survived the long, cold, dreary days of January, and we could start look-
ing forward to Spring. But more than that, I anticipated Valentine’s Day with great

excitement. I loved picking out valentines for each classmate, seeing the exquisitely
packaged chocolate hearts and pretty flowers in the stores, and feeling like everyone in
the world was celebrating love.
At least....until I entered middle school. Then Valentine’s Day became a great
“sorter” of who was lovable (in other words, who had a boyfriend/girlfriend) and who
wasn’t. Or so we thought. I’ll confess that as an adult, I’ve had some years where I

received dozens of roses and delicious chocolates, as well as the affections of an ad-
mirer...and I’ve had other years spent sobbing in solitude on my couch, feeling un-
lovable, invisible, and alone.

Valentine’s Day can be an especially difficult day for those who have suffered a break
-up or divorce, for those who have lost a spouse to death or disease, those who have

never been coupled and wish they were, the ones who have an absent or abusive part-
ner, those who feel that nobody could love them, and so many others.

Thank God, that true Love goes far beyond the impossibly perfect fantasy of a Holly-
wood Happy-Ever-After. Real life is much messier, and much deeper. And God

knows that every single one of us needs love in our lives to thrive.
Enter: CHURCH. We have a calling from God to love one another. That is a love

that goes deeper than romantic interest or affection. It’s AGAPE love, which is un-
conditional – we can’t earn it or un-earn it—it’s never ending, and it’s free! We have

a call to receive this love from God in Christ, and then to embody it for others. We
can do this by seeing one another, recognizing that each person we meet is made in the

image of God – and loved as a precious and beloved child, and then to treat them ac-
cordingly. We are called to care especially for the ones who feel alone, unloved, who

do not know their worth.
The world still threatens to sort us into those categories of “Lovable” and “Loser,”
based on wealth, health, appearance, status, address, and so much more. Every day we
are bombarded with messages intended to make us doubt our worth – usually in order
to sell a product.
This February, let us at JFPC seek to embody the love of Christ for all – especially
those who are alone, lonely, and feeling unlovable. Dear friend, you are loved.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Lynne

FEB Calendar and Newsletter

Click here to download a copy.

Join us Feb. 23rd during fellowship hour as we celebrate Emily and Shea Dow with a BABY SHOWER!  


Services are held in the main Church:


  • Sunday Morning Services are at 10:30 AM

  • Sunday School for youth will be held during church services.​

  • Communion is held on Easter Sunday and the first Sunday of each month.

  • Nursery is available during church services.

Current Events

  • 100 Women Who Care - Jonesville Chapter - 2nd Monday in January, April, July and October at 6:15 p.m.

  • Take a Break Tuesday -  Second Tuesday of each month, 1:00 p.m.

  • Bible Study-Wed at 10:30am

  • Grief Recovery Group-1:15pm

  • Faith in Fitness..Thurs. noon to 1pm Hillsdale College

  • Knit Wits - 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  

  • Pub Theology - TBD

  • Adult Choir - Rehearsals every Wednesday 6pm 

  • Songwriters: First Monday of each month

  • Young at Heart - TBA

  • Grounded in Grace Coffee House..W,Th,Fr from 9am to 1pm

Holy Land Bound

Take a Break Tuesday

  (2nd Tuesday of the month  1pm)

 January       Saucy Dog

  February    Olivia's

  March         El Cerrito

   April           Hillside Lanes

   May            Cavoni's

   June            Spangler's

   July              Johnny T's

   August        Burgers Unlocked

   Sept.            Local Eatery

   October       Pizza Hut

   November   Cottage Inn

   December    Hillsdale Brewery   



1st Sunday of the month

Communion Sunday


Grief Group Our congregation has suffered significant losses in the past couple of years.  Many in our midst are grieving – the loss of loved ones, jobs, relationships, health.  If you are in grief, (over anything), you are invited to JFPC’s Grief Group.  We have no curriculum, no agenda, no purpose other than to listen, to support each other, and to offer a safe place to grieve openly. We will meet Wednesdays at 1:15pm.  (Come earlier for a crêpe and coffee

Back by popular demand – Wednesday 10:30 am Bible Study begins May 8. In May and June we will be journeying through the book of Genesis.  All are welcome 



FEB. calendar of                   events


3  Songwriters 6:30pm

7   Holy Land travelers return

11 Take A Break  at Olivia's1pm

12  Bible Study  10:30am, Grief Group   1:15pm

13  Faith and Fitness noon

16  Pub Theology

19  Bible Study 10:30 am,Grief Group 1:15pm

20  Faith and Fitness

26  Lenten Lunch--JUMC noon

26  Bible Study 10:30, Grief Group 1:15

29  Body and Soul Day  10_2pm


Memorial Garden

Join us

on Facebook.

Made to order savory and dessert crepes.  We make our  own fillings and use fresh ingredients.  By donation.  Proceeds are used for outreach to support local non profits.

Grounded in Grace
Coffee House

We are open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM!


We are now serving crepes each day!


Located in the Church Fellowship Room - enter through the back door


Coffee and Tea (Keurig) for a suggested donation


All are welcome – bring a friend or neighbor; meet a new friend or neighbor!


This ministry of hospitality began with a desire to provide a Christian environment, in which people can congregate, to develop relationships leading to greater self and interpersonal relationships with each other and God.  10% of the proceeds each month will be given to local, non-proift and service organizations such as Hope House, Community Action Agency, Domestic Harmony, Youth trips, or a food pantry.



Leigh and Jason Raddatz

Pastor Lynne McQuown and family

Bill and Kathy Adams

Grounded in Grace Coffee House

Small Title

The Mick Sisters

Sharon and Scott Dow

Kathi and Ron Boyle

Mary and Tim Skupinski

Please email us.


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