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Robert Henthorne, Choir Director


Cathy Johnson, Interim Pastor

jonesville first presbyterian church
300 East Chicago Street
JJonesville, Mi 49250

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     Pastor Lynne McQuown-Fry

Dear JFPC Family and Friends, 

Let me begin this letter with a high note of gratitude. I am truly grateful for the calling to be your pastor for another year. I am profoundly thankful for the amazing work we have done together throughout these past years, which have been tough! I am grateful for the ways you care for one another, for our community, for the world. And I am so appreciative for all the ways you have blessed me and our church staff with your generous gift this Christmas. 

I am deeply humbled, forever grateful, and most of all, I bless God's holy name for calling me to Jonesville First Presbyterian Church almost 7 years ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being God's people in a day and age when the world needs Christ's witness more than ever. May we all continue to run with all we have to the finish line where we will be embraced by Christ, and hear those words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." 

At the beginning of 2023, I pray that we may all enter this New Year with an overwhelming sense of gratitude-- for all the things and people we've been blessed with, (even when we so often take them for granted). Let us be grateful for each other, for health, warmth, silence, beauty, creativity, friendship, family, fellowship, and those who help us through so many difficult times-the list is endless, what would you add? 

I've been thinking about the opportunities that New Years present us with - fresh starts, another chance, motivation to try new things... or try again. Perhaps you are approaching the new year with a resolution. 

Here is the list of the 10 most common New Years' Resolutions: 


Exercise more 

Lose weight 


Get organized 

Learn a new skill or hobby 

Live life to the fullest 

Save more money / spend less money 

Quit smoking 

Spend more time with family and friends 

Travel more 

Read more 

Recognize any of them? I know I have tried a few, more than once! Sadly, most of these resolutions will be broken or abandoned within the first weeks of the new year. 

But what if we did things a little differently this year? What if we choose to center all of it by getting into shape spiritually? What if we make our spiritual life a priority-exercise hospitality everyday, immerse ourselves in reading and studying scripture, be intentional about new ways of service personally and communally, blocking off time to pray with and for one another. In addition, purpose to say some uplifting word to someone everyday. Say thank you to those we share our lives with daily. Forgive those who you haven't. Forgive yourself. Re-focus our perspective to try to see God at work in the world every day. 

Some suggest that the best way to do this involves setting spiritual goals for ourselves. Goal setting, according to experts, helps us to change our behavior, guides our focus, helps us sustain momentum, and promotes a sense of self mastery. 

Have you ever thought about setting specific spiritual goals? 



Read the Bible every day (1 chapter? 15 minutes? What is your goal?) 

Pray every day (10 minutes? 20 minutes? Morning and bedtime? For certain 

people - especially those who challenge you?) 

Give thanks every day (keep a gratitude journal? List your blessings) 

Serve, Give (donate time/energy/resources to charity) 

Connect (reach out to someone who needs encouragement each week) 

In this world where it's easy to give in to cynicism, apathy, or despair, it could be as simple as resolving to make worship a part of our daily lives, to live with hearts overwhelmed by wonder and awe, to wake up every morning dazzled by grace. 

Whatever your spiritual goals (and I hope you make some!) may 2023 be a year of growth and maturity for our faith and our congregation. Let us all be diligent in living out the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in every way open to us, personally and communally. 

Gratefully Yours, 

Pastor Lynne 


Would you like to enjoy some time of fun and fellowship with other church members for no other reason than the fact that we like each other, we like good food, and we like spending time together?


Join us on the THIRD THURSDAY of each month at NOON. _We'll give it a trial run for 3 months to see if there is enough interest to keep going.  

January 26 - Olivia's 

February 16 - Saucy Dog 

March 16 - El Cerrito's Hillsdale 

Calendar and Newsletter
Click here
 to download a copy.  


Services are held in the main Church:


  • Sunday Morning Services are at 10:30 AM

  • in person and online

  • Communion is held on Easter Sunday and the first Sunday of each month.

  • .

Current Events  

  • 100 Women Who Care - Jonesville Chapter - 2nd Monday in January, April, July and October at 6:15 p.m.

  • Take a Break Lunch-  Third Thursday of each month, 12:00 p.m. 

  • Bible Study-Wed at 10:30am

  • Grief Recovery Group-1:15pm

  • Wednesday

  • circle up - 2nd Wed of month at 5:30pm and 4th Friday at 10:00am at the church

  • Pub Theology - TBD

Prayer is the key to heaven but Faith unlocks the door

Calendar and Newsletter
Click here
 to download a copy.  

Mask wearing is at your discretion!!

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a person of faith? Christian? Presbyterian? Member of JFPC?
Here is your chance to find out.  We will offer a 3 week class to explore these questions (with field trips!)
At the end of the course you will have the option of joining the church.  Membership is not required.  This is a great way to explore
Your faith, our history, and where you fit.  All are welcome (including current members).  It’s also offered to our youth who may have missed Confirmation class due to the pandemic.

WHEN:  Sundays — Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 12th following worship with field trips to be planned (Fri 2/3 to a Jewish Shabbat Service in Ann Arbor and more to come). 



In 2023 Jonesville First Presbyterian Church
will celebrate an anniversary (170 years since
our first church building was erected, and
145? years since we have been in our current

building). We would love to compile a col-
lection of photos of our church throughout the

years. If you happen to have wedding pic-
tures, Sunday School photos, or others of our

church from earlier years – different paint
colors, before the Fellowship Hall wing was
added, etc, we would love to make copies of


Welcome  to  2023

Easter Symbols

Spiritually Prepare for Lent – A Healthier Body of Christ February, 2022 Page 2 As our Sunday worship scriptures have reminded us, we are the body of Christ. Many of us would like our physical bodies to be healthier. So, throughout the Season of Lent, typically a season of self-denial and repentance, we will be offering opportunities for our congregation to become a healthier body of Christ – spiritually, of course, but also physically. What does this mean or look like? That will be up to you. Let Pastor Lynne know if your goals center around healthier eating, increased exercise, weight loss, drinking more water, or something else. We’ll design the program from the input we receive. Perhaps you’ve heard about the special tv series “The Chosen” and wondered what it was all about. Maybe you haven’t even heard of it. The Chosen is a series that tells the Gospel stories from the perspectives of the followers of Jesus. The producers have gone to great lengths to be authentic and compelling. During Lent we will offer a study to watch the episodes and discuss them together. Come and see!

Image by Annie Spratt

Photos Needed!!!

Pastor Lynne McQuown  Fry

Do you need prayer? Pastor Lynne McQuown is working from home and sharing daily devotionals and prayer times on Facebook.  She is available for you!

Prayer Works!!!


Liturgists are an important part of our service and we appreciate our volunteers.  Feel free to contact Mary Skupinski if you would like to participate in this manner.

Holy Land Bound
Happy Birthday Jeanine!

1st Sunday of the month

  Communion Sunday Service



Grief Group Our congregation has suffered significant losses in the past couple of years.  Many in our midst are grieving – the loss of loved ones, jobs, relationships, health.  If you are in grief, (over anything), you are invited to JFPC’s Grief Group.  We have no curriculum, no agenda, no purpose other than to listen, to support each other, and to offer a safe place to grieve openly. We will meet Wednesdays at 1:15pm. 


FEB. calendar of                   events





Small Title

The Mick Sisters

Sharon and Scott Dow


Kathi and Ron Boyle

Mary and Tim Skupinski

Please email us.

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